A penny saved is a penny earned. You can start by reducing the heavy electricity bills that not only harm the environment but also burn a hole in your pocket! With the rising global energy crisis, it is important to save energy and utilize green resources for power generation. Sun, being our ultimate source of energy, not only offers the best natural way to generate electricity but also helps significantly reduce electricity bills while ensuring the conservation of natural resources.

At Pristine Solar, we offer residential solar energy solutions. We are one of the best and most reliable residential solar energy companies in Australia. Coupled with years of experience in the industry, we offer excellent services. We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers, by providing genuine solutions and services.


Renewable Energy Source

Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Slashes Electricity Bills

Low Maintenance


Pristine Solar is not just another company providing residential solar power services. Our aim is to provide unbeatable prices and the best quality products that fully satisfy the energy needs of our clients.

Guidance and Education of Customers

We believe in educating our customers about the rapidly advancing solar technology to guide them in choosing the right system that suits their needs.

Solar Solutions

We cater to the solar system requirements of any home. We provide customized solutions to perfectly suit your energy requirements.

Professional and Accredited Team

Count on our team of professionals to carry out the solar system installation at your residence.

Unbeatable Pricing

Get the best quality solar systems at unbeatable prices.

Lifetime Return

Your one-time investment in solar, delivers a lifetime of savings on energy costs.


Let us convert your home into an energy-conserving powerhouse! Call us on 1300 516 250